Walking the talk

By James Moore, Chief Operating Officer

When your mission is to help people who have significant challenges in their lives, it’s important to keep an eye on how you’re doing. You want to make sure that you’re actually accomplishing what you say you’re going to do and not just talking about it. Once again, Goodwill Industries of West Michigan can say that we’re walking the talk.

In looking back at the year past, 2012 confirmed that our West Michigan Goodwill accomplished much. We achieved our 13th consecutive, three-year CARF national accreditation award. The report recognized us in 43 areas of “organizational strength” and four “exemplary” commendations. They went on to say, “This achievement is an indication of your organization’s dedication and commitment to improving the quality of the lives of the persons served, and clearly indicates an established pattern of practice excellence.”

In 2012 we also received one of four national “Family Financial Stability Center of Excellence” awards for our family financial stability strategies and support services from the Annie E. Casey Foundation and our national office.

Recently, we learned that our Goodwill placed in 10 of 17 “Top 25 Goodwills” performance benchmark categories in a report published by Goodwill Industries International. Each year, data is compiled from the 165 separate and autonomous Goodwill organizations across the United States and Canada.

Our rankings are as follows:

GIWM Overall

  • 5th in total operating revenue per capita ($37.87)
  • 18th in total agency expense-to-revenue ratio (85%)

Mission Services Division

  • 4th in clients served per 100,000 population (3,916.66)
  • 4th in clients placed per 100,000 population (359.91)
  • 13th in total revenue consumed per client placed ($10,522.30)
  • 15th in total revenue consumed per client served ($966.91)

Retail Division

  • 3rd in retail net profit per household ($20.60)
  • 9th in retail revenue per household ($62.15)
  • 10th in donations per household (1.56)
  • 21st in retail expense-to-revenue ratio (67%)

These results are even more gratifying when you consider that GIWM is being compared against much larger Goodwill organizations both in terms of total revenue and population within their service area – Goodwills such as Phoenix, Orlando, Indianapolis, Seattle, Austin, and Portland.

Our hats off and sincere thanks to our board, staff, shoppers, donors, and our community partners who continue to help us drive these results and change the lives of people in our West Michigan community with their support.


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